The Uncomfortable Truth

In this no bullsh#t guide to marketing a Consulting Firm in a B2B environment we're going to present you with an uncomfortable truth.


Why it is so hard for consulting firms to market themselves;

The most common mistakes that consulting firms make in marketing themselves; and the

Practical steps you can take to overcome the uncomfortable truth and leapfrog your competitors.

After you’ve read this guide you’ll know how to...

Cut through the crap of generic digital & brand marketing.

Shake the status quo and start marketing your firm in a meaningful and proven way.

Differentiate your firm from all of the other lookalike competitors.

Win you and your firm new and higher value clients.

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About The Author

Jim Thompson
Director at One Rabbit

Jim consults on positioning and marketing professional services firms throughout Australia.

He is well regarded in the industry and has written an extensive body of work on the subject. He also presents regularly in Australia and Overseas.

He has a unique perspective on what it takes to successfully market a firm in today’s world and is not afraid to question and challenge conventional thought.

It may be uncomfortable but it's the truth you need to hear.

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